Retainer Replacement

At Dr. Zoey Orthodontics, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality orthodontic care and ensure your smile radiates confidence long after we are done! To ensure that your teeth do not shift after treatment, retainers are important to wear at night time for life!


Program Overview

Our Retainer Replacement Program is our commitment to continue supporting you well beyond the day your braces or Invisalign come off. Here’s what the program entails:


Extended Smile Assurance: By enrolling, you’ll have access to unlimited retainers for just a $30 co-pay 5 years after you are finished with treatment.


Exceptional Value: For just $850 and a $30 co-pay for each retainer, you can enjoy peace of mind over the next 5 years. Outside of this program, a replacement retainer costs $250 per arch (or $500 per set).


Program Benefits

Peace of Mind: Our goal is to close the barrier to replacing your retainers if they get lost or broken. If you are away in college or out of town for the summer and lose or break your retainers, just call our office! We will send you a new retainer wherever you are!


Cost-Efficiency: If the retainer insurance is purchased at the start of treatment, you have the flexibility to include this cost in your monthly contract. The option to include the fee in your monthly payment plan makes it hassle-free to maintain your smile without straining your budget. (Note: the 5 years would begin at the day treatment is completed)


Convenience: You won’t have to schedule an appointment for impressions. We’ve got your scans ready, just give us a call and we’ll start the process to make your retainers!